In Loving Memory

I just want to write a few words about my dog Harley. Harley was what some would call a mutt. A mixture of labrador and german sheppherd. Harley was a wonderful dog, always there for me when I came home, always looking forward to me petting him.

Harley like a lot of sheppherds had problems with his back legs. When it eventually became to much for him, I had to bring him to the vet to be put down. Harley always brought a smile to my face, and so it was the hardest thing I ever had to do when we had him put down.

Harley wasn’t only my friend he became my dads as well. It was through a time time in my dads life that Harley got him through it. Harley being put down was harder on him than anyone else. Please share your stories as well of your animals and honor them in Loving Memory.

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I love animals and have always had some in the house. That is why started as a
volunteer at the Center, working with the dogs / cats, and general helping out. I love animals and the team.

A few years ago we adopted a sweet small doggy, and now he is an integral
part of our family. The team knows exactly what they are doing. Many thanks from all our big family.

Fostering allows me to indulge my love for animals. It is truly, truly a life saving job.
I focus on the fact that I am making a difference one little foster at a time.