About The My Red Chicken App

Download The My Red Chicken App

At My Red Chicken, we care about your pet’s quality of life. That’s why, in addition to our pet adoption site, we’re launching a cat and dog app that makes it easier for pet owners to build relationships with others in the community. Just like humans, pets need the freedom to roam around and play with their furry friends, and all it takes is a little extra effort to get them socialized. Now you have a reason to take your pup to the dog park or introduce your kitten to their new best friend!

How The App Works

The My Red Chicken app is convenient and easy to use. Simply download the app onto your phone from the Apple store, then create an account with a unique username and password. Once you’re in, you can click on the Doggy Date link to create a check-in date feature for when you’re taking your pet to the park, a dog training class, or any other meetup space. Type out a message, then click send to invite your contacts to join you for a doggy play date via email and text message.

Getting Started

Love the My Red Chicken app? Send us photos of your Doggy Date, and we’ll feature them on our website so others in the community can join in on the fun! Get started today by checking in on our pet app at your local dog park!