Adopt A Pet From Your Local Animal Rescue

Few things will bring you joy like adopting a pet. There’s nothing like being greeted by a wagging tail after a long day at work, and wet doggy kisses are the perfect remedy when you’re feeling down. Sometimes, the sound of a kitten purring contently in your lap is enough to make all your worries fade away, and the pitter-patter of little paws darting around the house will never fail to make you laugh. The reality is that our furry friends make life so much more enjoyable, and everyone can benefit from adopting a rescue pet.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog or cat, it’s important to consider all your options. Sure, you could run to the nearest PetSmart or adopt a pet from a breeder, but you could also give an abandoned pet a chance at finding their forever home if you went to your local humane society instead. This world is full of dogs and cats up for adoption that were found as strays or were given up by their owners. This could be your chance to save an animal in need, and My Red Chicken is making it easier than ever to find pets for adoption in your area.


About My Red Chicken

My Red Chicken is a cat and dog adoption website that lists adoptable animals from local animal rescues, humane societies, and other pet rescue organizations around the country. Our mission is to give these animals a fighting chance at finding a loving home, just like our owner did when he adopted Bella the pitbull.

Our Story

Bella was full of energy, excited to have her own dog food and a roof over her head. She was spoiled with long walks, lots of toys, and plenty of bones to chew on. Her time as a shelter dog was finally over — she had found her forever home with an owner that loved her more than anything in the world. Just when Bella thought she had everything, a construction crew came into her home and began tearing up the walls and floors, destroying her newfound comfort zone. She tore up all her toys out of anxiety, afraid that she was being abandoned once again. Then, one morning, she woke up to a brand new chew toy: a red chicken.

Bella guarded that red chicken with her life, as if it was her only friend aside from her loving family, who reassured her that everything would be alright once the renovations were complete. She carried her red chicken everywhere, and she never destroyed it, even when the loud noises caused her stress. It was the only thing that brought her comfort — it was everything that felt like home to her.

Many years have passed since then, and Bella has found her place in doggie heaven. She gave so much to her owner, who is dedicated to helping others find the same love and happiness that only comes with adopting a rescue pet. When he decided to launch a pet adoption site for local humane societies and animal rescues to list cats and dogs for adoption, My Red Chicken seemed like the perfect name.

Our Pet Adoption Site

My Red Chicken is the premier pet adoption site for abandoned animals that are in need of loving homes. We’ve partnered with many humane societies and pet rescues across the nation to provide an additional space for them to list cats and dogs for adoption. It’s free and easy — all they have to do is register with us online and start uploading adoptable animals. Unlike other cat and dog adoption websites, we don’t charge any fees or take a cut of the adoption cost. We’re just here to help rescue animals find their forever homes.

Whether you’re searching for stray puppies up for adoption or you’re looking for an older animal, we’re the pet adoption site for you. When you search for adoptable pets on our site, we’ll filter them by location so you can find available pets nearby when you search “Where can I adopt a puppy?” or “where to adopt a cat” on Google. Pairing abandoned animals with loving owners has never been this easy!

If you’re interested in an available dog or cat at your local pet shelter, you can contact them directly through our pet adoption site. We’re kind of like a Craigslist for animals — all we do is make it easier for you to find a dog to adopt, or a cat that needs a place to call home. Ready to find your next best friend? Browse our cats and dogs for adoption online, and get in touch with the local humane society or rescue organization to meet your furry family member!