Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Benefits Of Owning A Pet

There are many reasons to consider adopting an animal from your local pet shelter. Perhaps you’re looking for companionship, or maybe you want something to look after. For many people, adopting a pet is a chance to give back, especially if they’re saving a pet from euthanization at a kill shelter. Whatever your motive is for adopting a cat, dog, or another type of pet, you’ll get to enjoy the following benefits:

Lower Stress Levels

One of the main benefits of owning a pet is that they help you relax. Today’s world is stressful, and it’s easy to get in your head about work, school, family, relationships, social conflicts, and the endless list of things you have to get done. Fortunately, adopting an animal from a pet rescue shelter can help lower your stress levels, leaving you happier and healthier as a result. Just petting your furry friend or cuddling with them when you’re feeling stressed can greatly reduce the release of cortisol in the brain, which is the stress chemical that causes you to feel anxious.


Companionship & Loyalty

Pets are also some of the greatest companions you’ll ever have, and they’ll always be there to lift your spirits when you feel down. You can always count on your pet to be your number one fan, and they’ll follow you wherever you go if you treat them right. Plus, they’re full of love and always want to please you, making them the best friends you could ever ask for. With your furry friend waiting at the door for you to come home, you’ll never feel lonely again!

Health & Physical Fitness

Research shows that pet owners also tend to be healthier than people who don’t have pets. Due to lower stress levels and a greater sense of companionship, these people tend to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, resulting in a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and other life-threatening diseases later in life. Not only that, but people who find a dog to adopt are also more likely to get outside and go on walks, runs, hikes, or bike rides with their furry companions, making them more physically fit.



Any dog owner will tell you that they feel more safe with their pup by their side. Dogs have incredible senses, making them a great addition for people who want that extra sense of security in their home. Whether there is a stranger at the door or an odd sound in the night, your dog will be the first to know, scaring away any unwanted activity with a growl or loud bark. If you have a service dog, your furry friend will also be trained to provide specialized tasks, whether that be protecting you during seizures, bringing you your medications, or barking to notify others that you are in danger.

Build Community

Since pet owners tend to get out and exercise more often, they are also more likely to meet other pet owners in their community. This is especially true for dog owners who take their fluffy companion on walks or frequent their local dog park. Odds are, Fido will meet other pups and want to play, giving you the opportunity to chat and make new friends. At My Red Chicken, we’re making it even easier to link up with other pet owners in your area. Download the My Red Chicken app today to connect with your pet owner friends, and make plans to meet at the dog park to chat about different vets, groomers, dog food brands, and more.