Bella’s Story

Hi there, my name is Bella!

I’m a pit bull who loves car rides with the windows down, countless toys, long naps, and eternal walks.

Life for me didn’t start out the easiest; it took a long time before I met the humans that would give me everything I ever dreamed of. Not only did I have food in my bowl, a roof over my head, bones to chew on, and toys to play with, but I finally had my family — the people that cherished and loved me. Things were finally working out! I was finally home.

One day a group of strangers came into my house and started destroying everything around me — walls were being knocked down, floors were open and exposed, and the ceiling was no longer lit with bright lights. The only room that remained was my room, the one with my bed and my family. I began chewing through all of my toys; everything that was once safe and secure was now being torn away from me. Did I have to go back to being alone again?

To my surprise, I woke up one morning to a new toy that my human friends left for me: a red chicken. This couldn’t be like any of my other toys; I couldn’t chew through this, for all I knew it could be my last companion, my only friend. I had to guard this with my life. My red chicken was now part of my family; we would always keep each other safe.

My humans began fixing our home again and building more rooms with new walls, floors, and ceilings. Everything that was broken before was now different and repaired. All throughout this time, my red chicken and I grew close. I never went anywhere without it — wherever I was, my red chicken was there, too.

Life soon went back to normal again. My house was still my house. My room was still my room. My humans were still my humans. My red chicken was still my red chicken, but it also became so much more. My red chicken was everything that felt like home to me.

Our Story

Since losing Bella, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help abandoned animals find their forever homes — their red chickens, so to speak. Bella shaped my life in a way that no one else could, with her wagging tail, doggy breath, and endless snuggles. I want to help give animals like Bella a second chance at life, and I’ve done so by partnering with local humane societies and pet shelters to provide an additional place to put pets up for adoption.

That way, when people search for “adoption places near me,” “pets for adoption in my area,” or they’re looking for specific cats and dogs for adoption, they’ll be able to connect with local animal rescues easily. Ready to add a furry friend to your family? View our animals up for adoption here, or sort by dogs and cats to find your next best friend.

In addition to our online pet adoption platform, we’ve also developed the My Red Chicken app, which pet owners can use to meet others in their area. Whether you are looking for new pet pals for your pup or you just need recommendations about local vets, groomers, pet food, and more, you’ll find it all on our pet app. There is an immense amount of value in socializing your pet, and we’re making it easier than ever. Join Pet Social today to plan your next puppy play date!